Reading your old comments is the hardest thing.
But you will never know how much I miss you.

The girl...

The girl who always looks sad but claims she's fine.
The girl who puts sad stuff up on her blog everyday.
The girl who when she sees you, smiles a half a smile.
The girl who always has time to listen to you.
The girl who is willing to help you in anyway that she can.
The girl who cares about helping everyone but herself.
The girl who cries every night before she goes to sleep.
The girl who pretends that she's okay while she's dying inside.
The girl who wishes she could be held forever.
The girl who tries to look beautiful even though she feels she's not.
The girl who says that she'll always be there for you and means it.
That's me and that is the story of my life.


It's scary how fast 
endless trust, friendship and forever
turns into 
nothing to say, disregard and it's over.

Unconscious in the grocery store...

... Is DEFINITELY the worst and most awkward thing ever.

And guess who that happened to?!?!



I hate how much you hate me....


And yours do more than any other words....