In Love.

Just in love with everything.
Life is so wonderful and I am glad to have such amazing friends and horses.

Going out with my friend Sunny tonight.
Really looking forward to that.
Still a lot to do for school, but in comparision to the rest of my wonderful life it doesn't matter at all.
Just a glad girl right now.


Back to my blog.

So sorry, AGAIN.
But I just can't handle living and blogging. Know what I mean?
Always forget about blogging, when life is so wonderful.

And life at the moment IS really wonderful.
I finally got the horse I always wished for.
And now it's finally mine.
This is what keeps me alive currently.

Cause all the rest is a big mess and a big shit.
My body is kind of killing me. I feel like dying when I feel it, when I see it.
I don't have any power anymore for doing it, for making it beautiful again.
But I HAVE to.
So I will do it. I will start all over again, tomorrow.
Because I know that I don't wanna be and feel like that one day longer.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna change everything.


Finished. Finished. Finished.

Finally done with all my test.
Well, just with the tests before spring break starts.
And now it's finished.
Math is done, latin is done, german is done.
I am so happy and now spring break can start. Definitely.

So, I am going out this night with my wonderful friend Cat and I am really looking forward.
Hope we'll have a good time.

And tomorrow I have this training for the riding show my team has in 2 weeks.
But it's already at 10 am and I have to get up at 8 am, so I think I probably might die because of tiredness and being not concentrated. So I don't think that this training will be a success but... Who cares?!?

Wish you all a wonderful evening and a night full of fun.