Magic number: 3

Just 3 days of school left. Then it's spring break... finally.
But there is still a 2 hours math-test on wednesday. 
I am actually not sure, if I can handle that, 'cause I am such a looser when it's about math.
There are just confusing numbers and signs I see written on the pages.
But I am studying so much for it, well, 2 days. So I hope it's gonna work.

Exponential functions, logarithm functions, computation of interests.
I really don't get all that.


Reminds me of former times.

Living the life.

Today I spend a wonderful day with the best person in the whole world.

Thank you so much for this day my dearest friend.
I am really looking forward to this summer.
I hope we'll spend a lot of beautiful and amazing days together.

Miss you every second.

The only thing that counts: that we are together.

I will love you 'till the end.

Anywhere the wind blows...


Never again.
Never do anything for him again.
Never talk to him again.
He is so ungrateful.
Did so many things for him.

Finally back.

Hey you.
Back from Norway, back from London. 
And finally sweet 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I think I will tell you a little bit about everything that happened. 

NORWAY: I lived in a host family and it was just awesome.
They were so nice and gave me such a great time.
We went down hill and cross-country skiing.  Well, I never did that before, but it was really fun.
I fell a lot at the beginning, but it wasn't that bad in the end. 
We went to see Oslo and we've been in school with our exchange partners.
I have to say: Norway is soooo beautiful. 
Actually we all didn't wanted to leave on the last day.
But they will come to Germany in June, so it's not that long, 'till we meet again.

LONDON: Shopping with my mummy.
It was amazing. I never spend that much money on just two days.
But all the clothes were so beautiful that I just had to buy. 
And actually it was my birthday, so I was allowed to buy them.
I am totally addicted to Abercrombie & Fitch, so I nearly spend half the money in just this store.
I think I will take pictures of the things later, so you can see what I bought, IF you want to. 
So my mum and me were in London for just one weekend and didn't do anything except of shopping.
We really had a nice hotel in central London and so they way to the main shopping streets wasn't that long.  

18: Yes, I am 18 now.
Grown up. A lot of rights here in Germany right now.
Actually I am allowed to do anything now. 
But I don't think it makes such a big difference, except of the right to party all night. 
But well, it's important, but it's not everything. You know what I mean. 
In fact I am still the girl I was before.

What do you think about that? Do you think it makes such a big difference, if you're 18?
How does it feel to you?!

I would be glad about some answers. 

So sorry.

I am really sorry for not posting so much.
But school is kind of capturing my private life, I still need to write the essay about my internship and it is so hard, 'cause I don't really have an idea what I should write.
Well, and on wednesday I am leaving for Norway, coming back on thursday the week after.
But nevertheless I will try to keep my blog going.

So I hope you don't resent my "not-writing-so-much" for the next days.

Thanks to my followers.


Tired. Exhausted. Confused.

All I wanna do.

Totally stressed by the whole world.
Actually would need a break of everything right now.
Something like running away. Or moving to another country.



You will always be in my heart.
You are the most valuable part of my heart.
I will always be with you.
I will always be near you, even if it's just in mind.
I will never forget you.
You will always be the most important person in my life, no matter where you are.
If you are leaving, I will be going with you.
We are made to be together.
And nothing will ever change about that.
Neither death, nor other people, nor other things.
Don't give up.
Keep on fighting.
I will always be there if life seems at it's worst.

I love you forever.
No, not forever. My love to you will last much longer than life could ever be.



Walk, walk, fashion baby.