16 years old? Maybe 17?
NO, Maaike Klaasen is just 15 years old.
Although she is still young, she is already 1,80m tall.
Her measurements are 79-61-91 and she is with SPS Model Management Netherlands and Women Milan.
She just has an amazing face and face expressions. And her eyes are just to die for.
Hope to see a lot of her in the future.

She is just 13 in these three pictures. Isn't that amazing?



Isn't she beautiful?

Take a look at her.
This stunning girl is called Olesya.
She is 1,76 m and her measurements are 81-59-89.
She is with Aquarelle Models and I just can't take my eyes off her.
She is just breath taking.
I think we will see a lot of her in the future.
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart. 

Helen Keller 

My dearest friend.
Thanks for always being there for me.
You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
Love you from the deepness of my heart.
You are everything to me.



And so it came to be
this isolation that I am
I can only look to me
to find the way it all began -
this confusion, constant
hunger for something more than this
I strive to find this being
that I envision, yet seem to miss.
Could it be that I am empty-
or maybe a little lost?
Could it be that I am lonely,
or seek happiness at any cost?
This never-ending Something
that I am living deep inside,
depicts the illusion of myself
and all I have to hide.

He is so right.

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. 
That's deep enough. 
What do you want - an adorable pancreas? 

Jean Kerr 


I really need summer and holidays.

What about these nice places?



They said everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going.

I know I could never face someone
that could sound like you.


Tonight's gonna be a good night.

Going to a party this evening.
REALLY looking forward to that.
Haven't been to a GOOD party since quite a long time.
So I am really glad about this.
I am trying to forget about all my thoughts for just one night.
Going to this party with one of my best friends.
Love you, my little girl.


In Love with this song.

Nothing else is certain
But the fact that you and I
We are together lonesome.

'Cause we're the young ones
Who love the sunset.
We stay outside and feel the sky.

Guess what?

I think that I am going to London again.
Just for a weekend with one of my best friends. For my birthday-weekend.
I am so exited: Shopping, shopping, partying and partying.
It's gonna be so much fun.
Have been to London before and I just LOVE this city.
Full of fashion and so many beautiful things. 
Just thinking of Topshop, Abercrombie & Fitch and all these amazing shoe-shops.
Can't wait till 19th of march. 


Got my first regular reader.
Thanks a lot.
I really hope you like it.
If you have any ideas to improve my blog, just let me know, right? :)


Who cares.

Dear readers,
I don't care, if SOME of you know who I am.

It's just dingy that these persons don't have enough bravery to show, who they are.
"Anonymous" is your name.
WOW, then it must have been really hard to write such a comment, if you aren't able to show who you are.
If you have a problem with what I am writing about, don't come here to read my blog.
I mean, why do you care about that? Why do you care about this blog?

Just go an celebrate your life, my dearest friend.

Love you, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. ♥♥♥ 
You are a really brave one.


Her name is Smit, Nimue Smit.

Take a look at this stunning girl.
She is just to fall in love with.

She is 1,79m (80-62-91) and her agency is Women Milano.
She is from the Netherlands and i just love everything about her.
Especially her "doll look".
She walked Miu Miu, Prada, Valentino, Lanvin, Alexander Wang, Herve Leger, Cavalli and a lot more.

She just has lots of power and potential. Just a gorgeous girl.


I would like to present to you: PATRICIJA ZIL 

He's 1,79m and is with M4 in Germany.
I think that this girl has tons of potential.
Just take a look at her amazing mouth, these full and well formed lips and this wonderful blue eyes.
You can't NOT like her.


Everyone is controlled by food but only few people can control it.

Today is a good day.
Just had half an apple till now and and its already 5 p.m.
I am really glad that I was strong today.
I didn't betray you, I told you that I will be strong.

Bought some soups today, one with 60 kcal.
Just for my mum, so that she thinks I am eating.
I mean, 60 calories per day is not that much.
If I know, I have to eat lunch, I mean this soup,
I won't eat anything till then so it's just 60 calories the day.


Missing piece.

Alexander McQueen is dead.

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was discovered dead today after taking his own life.

I am really sad about that, because he was such a creative designer.
He was innovative, creative and just different.
He had a lot of crazy ideas and just did what he wanted to.
He wasn't like the others.
And I think he will leave a big gap in the fashion industry.

My decision.

Dear Ed.

Help me to stay strong.
That is my aim.
The pain will subside, but the images will not.
Help me to stay strong because one day I will succeed.
Help me to obsess and bring me where I want to be.
Help me to realize it's never good enough.
And if you do, I will not betray you.
Love you always.
A dear friend.

I won't betray you, starting from tomorrow. Never ever again.
I am sorry.

Together we'll make it.

When no one was there for me
And I thought that no one cared
When the whole world walked out on me
And I thought I was alone
You were there.

When my heart hurt so bad
I couldn't even breath
When I just wanted to crawl up and die
You were there.

So you see I will be there until the end
This is a promise I can make
If you ever need me
Just give me a call
I will be there just as you were there for me.

I will love you until I die.
No, I will love you much longer.

Having a dream. Keep going on.

The weakness inside me
keeps reminding me I am nothing
Nothing without you
You're my obsession
I love you to the bones.

Yes, Mummy, I already had dinner.
Yes, I had something of the things we had for lunch.
Yes, I am fine.

Mom, I am so sorry about lying to you.
I hope that everything will be alright, someday.

Free snowy day

We were out of school for today.
So a friend and me went to the lake for some snow fun.



I don't care if it hurts,
I want to have control.
I want a perfect body,
I want a perfect soul.
I want you to notice,
when I'm not around.
You're so fucking special,
I wish I was special.

All rules are fading, if you loose control!
I am just weak, don't have any discipline.

I am freezing, tired, sad, angry, hating myself.

But I have a dream and I want to reach it.
I can do it!

Winter Wonderland

Snow Snow on the ground
People sledding down down down
Hot cocoa and coffee inside
Why not go for another sled ride.

Snow Snow on the ground
The sun has set past the ground
Lights light up the city bright
People every where say what a sight.

30 cm of new snow today. Within just 2 hours.
Out of school at 10.20 am because of the mass of snow.

What a great day.


Can't get no sleep.

Actually I would already be asleep right now,
but I can't.
Since about 3 month.
It's horrible.
Hope you have a good night, guys.