I'll be gone now for 2 weeks cause as you might think, I don't have internet during this time!

But I hope you enjoy my two favorite songs that I play on the piano at the moment.
It's Leila's Theme Part 1 & 2 from the movie Barefoot by Til Schweiger.
I just love both, the music and the movie.
So I hope you like it.
And a big THANKS goes out to my neighbors for not moving out during my 4 1/2 hours paino-playing-session today!

Dear God...

Why did you hurt her?
Why didn't you choose me? I am the one who deserves it!
Please, I beg you to choose me the next times.

Because strong girls don't cry.

You will never see me cry.
No matter what happens.
You won't see me cry even when I'll die.