All the voices singing "Skinny"....

"No one's perfect, Hun." He told her.
"I know," the little girl said. "But I want to be the closest thing to it."
"And what's that?"

But... I don't wanna be skinny.
I wanna be so much more... I want to be bones!

And it's the daily fight... The evil inside your head vs. Your body...

Ever thought that maybe this is all I want ?

And finally, I will be able to fly... I'm sorry.

Pull the trigger, bitch.

Even people in the hospital didn't see it.

Over the whole day nobody saw the cuts.
In a hospital.
I tried to break a glass in the bathroom. It was loud.
Nobody noticed.
I lay in bed, in a t-shirt. With cuts on my arm.
And when they did, they didn't say a word!

Nobody notices.
Nobody cares.
That's how life is.


I stepped into the running water, letting the steam fill the room.
The hot water ran into my arm and about twenty seconds later,
the whole room smelt like blood.


Thoughts, content of my head.

It's the anxiety that controls me!!

And a bit more does each day.

Therapist- Talk

"I am curious they didn't say anything in hospital"    
          - "Why should they?"                                              
"I mean, all the scars on your arm and the underweight."
          - "Wait....what?? What kind of underweight?"
"YOUR underweight!"
          - "I am a 100 % NOT underweight, that's why they didn't."
"Did they weight you with your clothes on?"
          - "Sure they did."
"That explains a lot."

My therapist is driving me crazy, always telling me I look so skinny and underweight and what ever. It's NOT true cause I can see me getting fat.
I mean there is nothing more for me to do at the moment than lying in bed.
How the fuck should I loose weight on this way?!?! Huh???


Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.

I really can't express the pain I feel.
In other situations I would be glad about it.
But it's not the kind of pain that I want,
it's not the kind of pain I am doing to myself.
I can't control it, it's just happening. And I hate it.

Chillin' in the hospital.... Day 3.


Turn back time.

I wish I could just turn back time,
Back to when I wasn't born.
Like I never existed.
Nobody would remember me.
Leaving would be so much easier.

They won't ever let me sleep.

They won't let me sleep at night.
They won't even let me daydream about things.
They are always present.
They are always real.
They make my biggest fears come true.


Puppet player.

And whatever I do, whatever I say, it's never me,
it's always the voice in my head, the thing I can't control.

"Oh, you lost weight, right?"

          - Oh really? I don't know, I don't think so.
"I can see it. You really lost a lot of weight"
          - I really can't say, sorry.
"Didn't your mother notice? Or anybody else?"
          - No, nobody notices because nobody cares.
"Well, I notice and I really care. When we have our meeting next time, I really would love to see you more healthy."

Thank you, dear thearapist. Today was an awesome meeting and I am glad I came.
Thank you. 

But anyway, there is no way to tell me I lost weight! Cause I am still the fat fatty fat fat pig I used to be!!



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I do.