Everyone is controlled by food but only few people can control it.

Today is a good day.
Just had half an apple till now and and its already 5 p.m.
I am really glad that I was strong today.
I didn't betray you, I told you that I will be strong.

Bought some soups today, one with 60 kcal.
Just for my mum, so that she thinks I am eating.
I mean, 60 calories per day is not that much.
If I know, I have to eat lunch, I mean this soup,
I won't eat anything till then so it's just 60 calories the day.

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Ju hat gesagt…

hmm naja so toll is es nicht dass ich weiß wies dir geht und du wies mir geht, denn ich wünsch das keinem und hoffe dass es nicht allzuviele gibt dies nachvollziehen können..
ach du verstehst sicherlich wie ichs meine..
schreib mir doch mal ne mail ->