Finally back.

Hey you.
Back from Norway, back from London. 
And finally sweet 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I think I will tell you a little bit about everything that happened. 

NORWAY: I lived in a host family and it was just awesome.
They were so nice and gave me such a great time.
We went down hill and cross-country skiing.  Well, I never did that before, but it was really fun.
I fell a lot at the beginning, but it wasn't that bad in the end. 
We went to see Oslo and we've been in school with our exchange partners.
I have to say: Norway is soooo beautiful. 
Actually we all didn't wanted to leave on the last day.
But they will come to Germany in June, so it's not that long, 'till we meet again.

LONDON: Shopping with my mummy.
It was amazing. I never spend that much money on just two days.
But all the clothes were so beautiful that I just had to buy. 
And actually it was my birthday, so I was allowed to buy them.
I am totally addicted to Abercrombie & Fitch, so I nearly spend half the money in just this store.
I think I will take pictures of the things later, so you can see what I bought, IF you want to. 
So my mum and me were in London for just one weekend and didn't do anything except of shopping.
We really had a nice hotel in central London and so they way to the main shopping streets wasn't that long.  

18: Yes, I am 18 now.
Grown up. A lot of rights here in Germany right now.
Actually I am allowed to do anything now. 
But I don't think it makes such a big difference, except of the right to party all night. 
But well, it's important, but it's not everything. You know what I mean. 
In fact I am still the girl I was before.

What do you think about that? Do you think it makes such a big difference, if you're 18?
How does it feel to you?!

I would be glad about some answers. 

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Larissa hat gesagt…

So nice to hear a bit of your last weeks! I was so happy to talk you this week, i felt so good! Im happy that im allowed to come done a bit right now, school sucks, you know ;)

Hope you are happy, lucky 18 ;)

I would love to see photos from the things you bought in London.