Thunderstorm in my head.

Do it.
Just do it.

I... I can't.

Are you kidding me?
What do you mean with 'I can't'?
For sure you can.
This is the most easiest thing to do.

But.. I really can't.
I don't WANT to.
I am afraid of what will be after that.
I really don't want to.
I'm in tears if I think of what comes after that!

Stop thinking about that. 
Just do it!
It will just take a few minutes.
Maybe just a few seconds.
If you do it wrong, it'll take a few hours.
Just.... Fly. Learn how to fly.

I.... I know, I shouldn't believe you.
You really want to destroy me.
But the more you tell me, 
the harder it's for me to believe myself.
I trust you. I know I shouldn't but I do.
If you say, it's the right thing... It might be the right thing.

Good girl.
Just trust me. I am here for you.
Just one step more into my direction.
Then you'll be at the end of this road.
Come with me and we learn how to fly.
You can do it.
And then, then you will be FREE!

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