Everyone's pain is different.
I don't like when people compare.
I don't like when people marginalize their feelings because they think they're not allowed to have them.
Someone will always have a tougher go than you.
Does that mean you're not allowed to feel hurt?
To be sad?

And then I start to realize that this is exactly how I treat myself.
I myself am not allowed to feel pain. I am not allowed to be sad, to be hurt.
I have to function because there are so many people feeling worse or having it worse than me.
Everything I know, it doesn't apply to me.

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Alice hat gesagt…

Du Süße. Ich doch auch an dich. Aber du kennst das, irgendwann ist alles gesagt und man möchte nur noch virtuell umarmen, weil sowieso nichts (anderes) mehr hilft..