I guess she will never know...

Maybe she's angry because I didn't answer her letter.
But what she'll never understand, is that I still love her.
And I just didn't answer cause I don't wanna destroy what was there before.
I didn't want to answer the letter in anger and frustration cause I would have destroyed it all and made everything worse.
I know she'll never read this but if I could make all this unhappened, I would.
I would turn back time for this girl because she is the best friend I ever had.
Well... at least I thought she would be the best I will ever have...
But know it's gone and blown away with the wind.

I miss her but she'll never know cause I am too afraid and insecure to tell her what I think.
That I didn't meant that to happen, that this wasn't my intention.
That I would change for her, if I ever had the chance to.

I am sorry.

I wish she'd know!

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