There is this girl... Do you see her?

She is utterly repulsive.
I hate her, I can't stand looking at her.
She is fat, she is ugly.
She fails at everything, she lets everyone down.
She hurts other people by just being alive.
No one likes her, I don't see why anyone should, I can totally understand them.
I don't like her either.
She disgusts me, she's stupid, she's annoying.
She's fake, I mean, everyone's telling she's fake, so I think it's the truth.
She's hated, by other people and by me.
I would NEVER wish death to anyone, but I wish she was dead.
She doesn't deserve to be alive, a million miles between us wouldn't be enough.
I would still hate her, feel disgusted by her.
I want to be as far away from her as possible, I just can't stand her.
This girl I hate more than life, more than my worst enemy is me.
I wish I could run away from myself.
I wish I could scream out loud what I really think.
But would anyone hear me?

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