Sure, I don't care. This doesn't even get close to me.

I don't need any of those people in my life which are leaving right now.
I don't need you. I don't need you. I don't need you.
You know, there is a point in life when you realize that all those people who pretend to be there for you, who pretend to be your "really close friends", are the biggest liar on planet earth! All they want is you to tell them how amazing and loved they are. And if they have these "Oh so big problems", they want you to be there for them, you gotta tell them that everything's gonna be okay. But when you start to tell them, that it's not okay, that they fucking need help and you don't wanna hear a word about "how awesome all this loosing-weight-stuff" is, because you're currently trying to recover, you're the worst bitch they've ever met in their lives. And as soon as you might need them for some reasons, they seem to just disappear, they got no time for you. But when it finally comes to telling them about what you wanted to talk about for so long, all they say is "yeah, I can totally relate to that, I got the same thing and for me it's like this....." And finally they will say something like "Our friendship is not really workin' anymore. I'm sorry."
Oh really? Maybe because our friendship just consists of you and your problems. You're not even interested in anything about me? Maybe that might be the problem??
Don't you understand that there is more in life than just you, yourself and, oh I forgot, your fucking big ego?
And what about those friends you are really trying to help in their relationships with others? Same thing... Helping them like fucking shit and as soon as everything seems to go the right way again, for them, even though their partner is just twitting on them, not really taking them as a real, independent person, just more as a slave or a toy, they just throw you away. "They need to concentrate on their relationship again". They got no time for people like you anymore and they don't want to be friends anymore.
We'll meet again in hell, bitches!

This is what I meant when I said that I don't have friends. Nobody cares. Nobody gives a fuck.

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