Everything will be okay. NOT.

        - Life will go on, don't be sad. Life was already moving on before we knew each other.

Yeah, right. Because we didn't know each other. But once you got to know someone, they will leave marks in your life. Some are bigger and some are smaller. Some marks are so small that you don't even notice them. And some of them have the size of a tornado. They bash you into a deep hollow and you won't make it from down there on your own. But as you're falling you recognize that you don't even want to be saved. Because up there everything will be destroyed and life wouldn't be the same anymore. Life maybe wouldn't even be possible. So you just let yourself fall.

Drawing by me

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pandorasshowcase hat gesagt…

It's an amazing an powerful drawing. You captured how I often feel. When I used to imagine true happiness I always imagined myself jumping off a cliff like that. I felt like it must be the greatest joy to know that soon everything will be over for good.