Dear C....

I am not sure about what to think about you and the whole thing now.

I would really wish to make it all good again, go back to the time
where everything was okay,
where I didn't destroy everything around me and
make everyone's life so fucking hard.
I really miss you.

I wish you all the best and hope you are happy now.

But this was the last thing for me to tell you.
You've been the last person to trust.

I've made a decision inside me, with me.
Don't talk to foreign people again.
Never trust anyone cause
1. you'll hurt them
2. they will leave you after a certain time.

So trusting anyone doesn't make sense for me anymore.

I am glad that you showed me and kept me from making this mistake again.
Thank you for that.

But what it means exactly:
This world is over for me for now.
Cause what is the point in life if you just live it on your own?

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