I love you.
More than my life.
Please don't leave me.
Keep on fighting.
I know you can do it.
I know it so badly.
And deep inside, I hope you can see it, too.... someday.

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Serafina hat gesagt…

You're a part of my heart. My whole fucking dirty heart, but you're the beautiful..wonderful part. I love you more words can say. I hope you know that.Where ever I will be...which place..which world..what ever the people will say..please believe me..I love you..and I always do...Perhaps I will fly'll feel alone..perhaps you'll hate me for leaving you..but still remeber..I' ll take a part of you with me..with me up in the air..with me up in the air..with me up in the neverland..where we are happy. Where we will be clean, where we will be free and where we will never be lost.
Forever yours.
Forever my.
Forever us.