Dear Readers....

I am back. Definitely.
I decided to drop out of my clinical treatment.
And now I am home again.
I am still a little bit unsure about the whole thing 'cause I don't really know how it's gonna be here again.
But I think that it'll be better than being there.

I have been there for a month and it was a really tough and hard time for me.
It wasn't really the way of help that I actually thought I would need.
It was more "watching" you. Not really changing anything, it was more helping you through the day
but more under compulsion than really that you have the feeling of changing something.
I know it sounds confusing but I hope that you get at least a bit of what I am trying to tell you.
It was more "I am doing this cause they tell me to" and not "I am doing this cause I want it and I see the way we are going with what we do". You know?

So I think it was the right decision for me to go this way.
And I hope that it will still be the right decision in a week.

But for now you know about my current situation and
I will try to post some more now that I am back at home again.

THANK YOU for reading my blog.
You are all really wonderful and special and I am really thankful that you kept on reading my blog even if I didn't post that much. THANK YOU.

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