I just got a blogaward from the loveliest Brooklyn.
(CHECK OUT her blog, it's amazing and beautiful and lovely and just everything!)

Okay, so 7 things about me.

1. I'm waiting for the most important call of my life (until now).
2. I participated in a photo competition, ending in 7 days, I really hope it went well.
3. I'm thinking of quitting therapy. It's so useless lately.
4. I sometimes am really mean to the person I love the most, my mom. But actually she's the most important person in the world to me.
5. I have a lovely friend, living ways to far away and I miss her like crazy. I wish she could read this! I miss you, C.
6. Sometimes I wish I could me less naive. I always believe in the nice part in a person, well at least most of the time.
7. I love my new room!!


And the "Flys-Sky-Blogawards" go to:

Lovely Liberty


Brooklynn hat gesagt…

nichts zu danken! :-)

Liberty hat gesagt…

du süße <3 lovely? not really xD
das nu schon mein 3ter unbeantworteter, ich glaub ich schreib wieder was dazu^^

Liberty hat gesagt…

<3 es geht. danke anyway.