I hate that I am lying to him, even though I don't want to.

"Do you wanna order pizza? Like for dinner?"
      - Yes, please. I would love to, I didn't have food in the last three days.
         No, thanks. I already had dinner at home.

"Do you want a piece of my pizza instead?"
     - I really want to. You can't think of how much I would like to just take it.
        You're quite lovely, but I am really not hungry.

The next morning
"Do you wanna have biscuits for breakfast or just toast?"
    - I would love to take all of them, I wish I could.
      No, thanks. I am not that into breakfast eating. I just don't like eating in the morning,
      when I'm still tired.

I AM SO SORRY. I really don't wanna lie to you, but all these voices are telling me to.


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