This is the last time, I will ever write a rhyme.

Tonight is my last night that I will be alive.
I'm already numb, I'm just waiting to die.
I lost the reason why I never slept,
Why my dreams were not as good as reality.
I'm already done, I sobbed and wept.
I've killed myself, emotionally and mentally,
Now I face pure lethality, just overdosed -
On my painkillers, I really wouldn't call it fatality,
Oh well, at least it won't be painful,
I'm dying slowly, dying artistically.
Now let me go to the whole point of this letter;
I want you to know that I love you with all I have,
Even though I'm buzzed out, I can tell what I feel for you,
And sadly this is what love can do.
You know who you are; I need not to say your name,
I'm really sorry for everything; I'm the one to blame.
The rest of the world, I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye,
To be honest, I never wanted to smile, I was never alright,
But I guess now you know the answer to my big lie.
My end is so near...
I can hear death knocking on my door,
I've run out of words to say, I will speak no more.


Liberty hat gesagt…

Take care, dear, take fucking care. <3

kira hat gesagt…

do not die