I got a blogaward.... Again!!! :)

I got tagged by Loveliest Laura <3
Thanks a looooooot!

So here are my facts:

1. When I grow up, I either wanna be a psychotherapist or an interpreter for sign language.
2. I am a permanent leg-mover.
3. I don't like mainstream clothes, there is NO way I would buy anything at H&M except of basics. I also don't like mainstream music by the way.
4. There is nothing that I love more than my horses. Even the heavy accident I had a week ago can stop me from riding.
5. Reading is what I love the most, even more than watching a movie.
6. I think I have the most special dogs in the world, in character.
7. Forget about point 1. - 6. All I wanna do is leave this world and die. It's just to keep my world built out of lies alive.

And I give the blogawards to:

Cass. I love you, my little heart. And I need you!
My lovely Libby <3
Most beautiful Rebecca
Emaschi cause she knows how it feels like!!
Laura! <3 (IDGAF I'll tag you back)
Little Missing Angel
Becca for having such a beautiful blog

Stay strong, all my little fighters out there! I know you can do it.
Don't stop believing in yourself. It WILL get better, never loose hope!


Rebecca hat gesagt…

Thanks so much love! <3<3<3

malnourished-mind hat gesagt…

Vielen herzlichen Dank!! Dein Blogaward freut mich wirklich riesig! =)

Im Moment wünschte ich mir nur, mein Englisch wäre besser.... *hust*

BECCA hat gesagt…

Vielen Vielen Dank!♥
dein Blog ist wundervoll
Stay Strong ,too.