Wooden heart.

Thank you, world! You're showing me that I'm worth so less.
Time is money and costs nerves only.
Curious, what kind of shit happens, when all you think
That belongs to you, collapses and dies.
I imagine that there is love and it's waiting now
locked under the ice, hoping for its last breath.
Do you know it, this voice, saying "Looser!"
And you put the blade to your arm.
I see myself, my heart, that beating shit.
It's calling "Flag down the world, I wanna jump off!"
Please, someone show me the way,
I've lost my compass, was going in circles.
Hot and paralyzed, everything's going ahead slowly.
Hope is being caught in barbed wire and chains.
Heart of gold, heart of pride, evolved into a black soul,
Heart of wood.

Stay! Please, stay, keep silent!
I have to show you something, it's down there really deep.
A step, a sight, a thought, a blade, a tear, a hand,
A cut.

So young, so fragile, so tender, so merciless, so brute, so strong.
Thank you, world! I am empty, everything's out.
The last drop in the tank for the final applause.