Sweet little death.

It always seems so easy, so peaceful to just swallow the pills, to just make it stop.
At first you feel that your stomach gets filled with this sweet little death.
You feel you heart beat faster, you might be afraid. 
"I have to stay strong, I know I want this", this is what the voices in your head are saying.
And then suddenly, you start to become calm, really calm. 
You've overcome your first flush of fear.
But it's not over yet. Now you gotta wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
It needs a long time. Long time to think, long time to think even more.
And this is the point where you gotta decide. It's not too late to get help!
GET HELP, it's not over yet. Call someone or the ambulance.
If you decide that you really want this, then you'll soon notice the first messages of death. 
And soon you'll be in heaven. Or not. If you really messed it up, then you'll be braindead for the rest of your life, connected to machines that keep you alive. 
You'll be lying there in your hospital bed.
"Oh look at her, poor little girl, tried to kill herself, she failed. It must be so hard."
Think of your parents, think of your friends. They'll all see you like this, everyone will wish they would have helped you, they'll wish they'd have noticed before. 
Think of everything, of the consequences for you and all the others, think of the consequences, of what might happen if you fail.
I am here for everyone of you! I'd be glad to help you!!

It's your choice, everyone's gotta choose him/herself. 
It's your life.
For some people life is harder than the consequences which there might be, 
some other people might think twice now.
It's your choice. But it's not only your consequences.

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