I have a tattoo with your name right above my heart
With anchors so everyone knows where mine belongs.
A light house next to it
No matter how foggy it's leading me.
Martins around my neck
So everyone sees that we're free.

We believe in a light that never disappears.

I miss you, I fucking miss you. I want you right next to me and I can't stand this feeling anymore. I know that when you finally decide about us, then it will be my end.
My final end.
Cause you are the person I am living for. You are the one to save me.
And when you're gone, then there will be no one to save me anymore. Save me from the demons in my head, same me from the nightmares. There will be no one to hold my hand, to hold me until I fall asleep, no one to displace my nightmares.
I will be gone.

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