I can feel it.
I can feel it inside me.
I can feel that she is coming.
I can feel this bitch growing bigger and bigger inside.
And she will be there again.
She is angry.
I disappointed her today and the days before.
She'll take revenge.
And I know that I can't do anything against her.
I have to follow her commands.
And if I cheat on her, she's gonna hurt me.
She's gonna hurt me really bad.
I can't leave her 'cause I need her as much as she needs me.
She is the only one  I can trust.
She's never lying to me.
She tells me that I am fat and I am ugly.
And she tells me that it'll all get even worse if I eat this fucking food.
She tells me that I don't need it.
I can live without it as long as I don't leave her.
And if I leave her, then I will be alone.
Alone and fat and without friends.
Because no one wants a weak friend.
No one wants to be friends with a girl who cheated on her former best friend.
She told me that she is gonna tell everyone how bad I am and how much i disappointed her.
And then I will be alone.
And fat.
And because she knows how bad i need her, she can tell me whatever she wants.
She knows that I can never leave her.
I need her to become what I always wanted to be.
I need her to become what I live for.
I need her to become thin.
Please don't leave me.
I will improve myself.
I promise.
I need you here!

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