I love you.

"I would love to show you, how I see you.
Sometimes I see the real Fly. Just really rarely, but then I see her.
And I wish so much that one day this little, weak, hurt Fly can just break the big walls around her. Because she is a really worthy person...
Darling, you are like a star to me which is actually really beautiful, so intensive and which has such a special glow... which could have so much power and could light up the darkest night but this star always hides behind the clouds.
She always gives in and disappears... so what everyone sees is just this weak ray of light.
But I saw this real glow, this unique brilliance of my best friend.
I know that it's there and believe me, it is so beautiful, so amazing.
Believe me, YOU are beautiful and amazing and one day you will be able to shine again.
Shine with the whole of your heart."

I love you so much, my dearest friend.
I am so glad that you are on my side.
That you are a part of my life, my heart, my soul.
I never wanna live without you again.
You're my everything.
My Guardian Angel.

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