I've got more scars than friends.

I am the nonentity.
No one hears me, 'cause I am the nonentity. No one sees me, 'cause I am the nonentity. No one understands me, 'cause I am the nonentity.
Then I hear a wonderful melody and I am following her. I'm dancing with her and I feel good. I'm dancing and dancing and I recognize much too late that this is gonna be my last dance in life, my dance with death.
But no one will miss me, no one will know my story, 'cause I am the nonentity. 

I got a blogaward from the beautiful Madame. You definitely gotta check out her blog, it's one of my favorites. 

So here are 7 stupid and totally uninteresting facts about me:

1. I clean my room every day, sometimes it looks like no one is even living in there anymore.

2. When I was in the hospital, I met a woman and she was telling me that if she would have had as much money as me and my family have that she would be so happy and that it would be anything she needed.
3. I hated her! Why am I this sick then??
4. I met a man, he's really nice and careful and I like him, but he is 18 years older than me.
5. My dogs, cat and my horses will for always be my biggest loves.
6. I hate the fact that my therapist never reacts when I tell her that I am suicidal. She nearly killed me.
7. I really love my therapist from the child psych ward, but it makes me be afraid that I soon won't be able to go there anymore.

And I am giving the award to:

Liberty, 'cause she is so lovely and I LOVE her blog!!

Emaschi, 'cause she is the most sensitive and talented person I've ever 'met'.

Rebecca, 'cause she is so strong, fighting and struggling so much!

Mina, 'cause she is still here, even though she feels so lost.

Laura, 'cause I always feel like she is speaking the words from my soul.

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Laura hat gesagt…

oh man, du bist immer so lieb!
Irgendwie habe ich immer das Gefühl ich lesen viel zu wenig von deinem Blog, bzw. kommentiere ihn viel zu wenig :(
Ich danke dir <3
Vielleicht wurde mein Zwilling ja vertauscht und du bist meiner :D:D