Where is my mind?
I hate this day care thing. 
I think I'm gonna quit. 
Go back to work.
Feels better that way.
At the moment.
I really can't be there anymore.
These people.
They make me crazy.
And afraid.
So full of tension.
All day long. 
Only because of the situation there.
This doesn't feel right.
I don't feel right there.
I'm gonna quit. 
Do you think, it's okay?
I'm afraid.
Because I know,
My mum's gonna be mad at me.
But I just can't be there any longer.
I can't choose the right thing anyways.
Either way she's gonna be mad.
Or I'm gonna go crazy and be extremely suicidal again.
Tough decisions to make.
Did I ever mention,
I hate decisions.

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Phoebe hat gesagt…

Why do you write in English?

- Awesome! I considered myself to be the only one struggling with these f****** trousers. (;